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Pacific Wild Shrimp is a Mexican wild shrimp importer of the finest quality shrimp. PWS is a part of a family owned company, “Pacific Wonderful Shrimp”, which was established in 1991 in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. Our company owns 28 shrimp boats, and has a processing plant for its products. The processing plant, “Pesquera 15 de septiembre” processes approximately 2 million pounds a season. All of the shrimp distributed by Pacific Wild Shrimp comes directly from the processing plant in Mazatlan, Sinaloa. Only the best quality shrimps is sold by our company. Pacific Wild Shrimp not only offers a quality product, but we also offer competitive pricing over other distributors. Our name stands for quality, dependability and excellent service.


When purchasing from Pacific Wild Shrimp, we can guarantee that you are receiving the highest quality shrimp available. Skilled technicians are employed to ensure the quality of our product, which must meet our strict quality standards to be processed. We also work under strict HAACP Standards that help maintain the quality of our product through quality control checkpoints from the moment the shrimp are brought into our processing plant until they leave for distribution to the United States.


Our sustainable fleet meets all specifications to sustain a safe working environment, we use ecological nets for “selective fishing” throughout our fleet of 28 boats. Data sheets are maintained and we implement good processing practice

Our name stands for quality, dependability and excellent service


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